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Big Ideas, Transparent Policies & Fees

We strive to be upfront about our policies and fees. We bill all visits to your insurance company and will request to see your insurance card upon check-in for all visits. Per our vaccine policy, we require all patients to remain up to date with their vaccinations per the CDC schedule. We reserve Walk-In Clinic for mild illnesses and injuries. We reserve Walk-In Clinic and Saturday appointments for established patients; newborns visits are the exception and allowed on Saturdays. Out of respect for other family's time, if you arrive more than 15 minutes late for a well or consult visit, we will request that you reschedule your appointment either with a different provider who is available or with your desired provider at another time. Duty bound, we will see all acutely sick patients upon arrival, but request that you arrive on-time out of respect for other families' time.

Fees are an important source of revenue that enable us to offer you excellent services and care. We promise to remain transparent about all of our fees. Here's our complete list of fees. That's it, we promise.
After Hours Appointment Fee

There is a $30 fee for scheduled Evening or Saturday appointments. No charge for evening Walk-In Clinic visits or newborn visits on Saturdays. Please note, there is no Walk-In Clinic on Saturdays.
After Hours Advice Line Fee

Our advice line is available 24/7. It is free during open business hours. After the clinic closes, however, there is a $30 fee applied for use of the advice line.

Daycare, School, & Camp Care Fees

Form completion incurs a $10 fee per request. You asked and we listened - this fee was recently reduced to better match the going rate of other clinics in the area. As always, if all you need is an updated vaccination record, these are available free of charge on the patient portal.
Expedited Referral Fee

If required by your insurance plan, we are happy to help process a referral to see a specialist free of charge when given at least 3 days notice. If you require an expedited referral that must be completed within 24 hours for a non-emergent medical condition, a $40 fee will incur.
Expedited Fee For Forms

There is a $35 expedited form fee in addition to the $10 form completion fee if you require a form to be completed in 24 hours.
Appointment No-Show Fee

If you fail to show for a scheduled appointment, you will incur a $50-100 fee depending on the appointment type and alloted amount of time. 

Transfer of Records Fee

Should you move or elect to transfer care elsewhere, transfer of records fee incurs a $20 cost per child with a $50 maximum per family.

Other Fees

Various lab tests, medical equipment and medications dispensed in the office for your convenience may incur out of pocket fees but are always optional and are always available elsewhere.
Similarly vaccinations or point of care testing for strep or Flu for parents of patients is sometimes offered out of convenience and would incur a fee.