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Lactation Services

baby drinking breast milk
Lactation Consultant services include Prenatal Breast Feeding Classes, postnatal lactation consults, Mothers Nursing Groups, and weight checks. Services are offered to patients and non-patients of Advanced Pediatrics and billed to insurance plans when coverage is available. Consultations can be obtained during regular doctor's visits and/or specifically scheduled appointments with one of our certified lactation consultants.

What happens in a consultation? 

○ Oral exam of the infant
○ Maternal breast exam
○ Observed feeding with tips offered in a non-threatening manner
○ Evaluation of infant feeding techniques
○ Evaluation of maternal milk production
○ Pre and post-feeding weight checks to ensure adequate milk transfer
○ Instruction regarding positioning and use of nipple shields as needed
○ Instruction regarding use of supplementation at the breast as needed
○ Nutritional analysis of breast milk as needed to confirm adequate protein and fat content in maternal milk supply, particularly important for infants slow to gain weight
○ Development of an individualized care plan for mother and baby
○ Scheduling of appropriate follow-up in person or via telephone
○ Services billed to insurance as able
baby drinking breast milk

Ancillary services include:

○ Pump rental & purchase advice
○ Nursing bra fitting
○ Referrals for tongue ties and other special needs
○ Pumping strategies for mother's returning to work or bottle feeding
○ Newborn care & sleep training advice